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Your home, your story.


We believe in authenticity and surrounding yourself with people and things you love. We believe in mixing styles, rough with refined, expensive with inexpensive. We believe that your home should inspire you and make you happy. It is our mission to make your home a true reflection of you.

Our Fabrics

We travelled the world to find the most beautiful quality fabrics for your curtains and upholstery. Our classic approach to style combines old world elegance with a modern twist.

Our Furniture

Your home your story

We offer a range of sofa’s, armchairs, dining room chairs, footstools and headboards, hand made and upholstered in Spain and Portugal. Customize your furniture with your choice of fabric to create something truly unique.

Your home your story


Your home your story

We are happy to to assist you with interior advice and we completely take care of the fabric to curtain making process, including window measurements and installation.


To complement your interior we offer a constantly changing collection of accessories, custom  cushions, lamps and lamp shades and unique vintage items.